29 September, 2006

Poll Shows Pirro "Scandal" Having Little Effect On Voters

The Jeanine Pirro "scandal" apparently is not having much of an effect on the embattledGOP candidate's bid for attorney general. Which, for her, could be good or bad news.

A Marist poll done for WNBC-TV about 24 hours after the news of the probe broke shows Pirro is trailing Democrat Andrew Cuomo by 23 points - about where she was in the most-recent poll three weeks ago.

Some 41% polled said Pirro's alleged bugging of her husband's boat is a private matter, while 55% feel the public has a right to know what the federal probe turns up.

Meanwhile, the Journal News ran a story today after polling residents of Pirro's home town of Harrison. The paper described the response as sympathetic to Pirro, but also critical of her judgment.


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