29 October, 2006

Clinton, Engel, Hall, Lowey Endorsed By Journal News

The Journal News this morning published it's endorsements for the Congessional seats in the lower Hudson Valley.

For Senate the newspaper endorsed Hillary Clinton:

While nothing "hard," such as fixing Social Security and health care and energy, gets done anymore in Washington, and endless rhetorical debate over cultural issues passes for actual work, we think Clinton has been a better part of the solution than the problem, a steady voice of reason, intelligence and common-sense - in a Washington choked by too much hubris, too much partisanship and way too little competence. -Journal News

For Congress from the 17th District, incumbent Democrat Eliot Engel:

If you listen to Rep. Eliot Engel' opponent, the 18-year incumbent has proposed no laws and done nothing during his nine terms in Congress. We beg to differ.
Engel's work ethic alone has earned him re-election. -Journal News

For Congress in the 18th District, incumbent Democrat Nita Lowey:

Lowey's longevity has earned her influence and clout, and her resume of accomplishment is, literally, 18 pages long. -Journal News

For Congress in the 19th District, Democratic challenger John Hall over incumbent Rep. Sue Kelly:

We recommend Hall, a musician-activist and former school district and local-government official, to district voters in the Nov. 7 election. Driving our call for change: Need for more independence, more critical thinking, less slaving devotion to party ideology - and party mistakes. Kelly has offered none of this. - Journal News


Former President Bill Clinton will be making a campaign appearance on behlaf of Hall tomorrow in Cortlandt Manor. Clinton will attend a so-called "Rally for Change" tomorrow afternoon at about 2:45.

While Kelly still has a commanding lead over Hall in cash on hand, Kelly raised more money than Kelly in the first 18 days of October, the period covered in the latest campaign filings. Hall raised $228,000 in the period, compared with Kelly's $121,000.

The Hall campaign also announced over the weekend the endorsement of the Alliance for Retired Americans.


The Mark Foley/congressional page scandal has played into the Buffalo News' decision not to back either candidate in the race for the 26th Congressional District, where incumbent Republican Tom Reynolds has been dogged by his seemingly slow response once being informed of Foley's actions.

The paper said there are "still unknowable issues" about Reynolds' role in the handling of the scandal.

The editorial board said it was put off by the campaigns run by Reynolds and his Democratic opponent Jack Davis:

Western New Yorkers living within the 26th Congressional District have been ill-served by a campaign marked by elusive candidates, truth-stretching political ads and an overwhelming emphasis on image over substance. Because of a still-incomplete ethics investigation and the scarcity of truly exploratory issues debates or discussions between incumbent Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds and challenger Jack Davis, The Buffalo News will not endorse either candidate in this race.


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