29 October, 2006

Howie Hawkins' Top-10 List

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party for U.S. Senate from New York has come up with his "Top 10" reasons to "vote for Howie, Not Hillary." He's no Letterman but his points will resonate with some.

10. Howie never served on Wal-Mart’s board of directors
9. Howie isnt running for president in 2008
8. Howie isn't a cosponsor of a Utah Republican's "flag-protection" amendment
7. Howie didn't raise nearly $50 million in campaign contributions over the past six years.
6. Howie supports health care for all Americans
5. Howie wants to crack down on high credit-card and banking fees
4. Howie would support lower-polluting renewable sources of energy
3. Howie didn't vote for Bush's Patriot Act
2. Howie didn't vote for Bush's Iraq war
1. After the past six years, isn't it time to vote for someone who will fight for what you believe in?


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