20 October, 2006

Clinton, Spencer Square Off In First Of Two Debates

Democrat Hillary Clinton and the Republican challenger for her Senate seat, John Spencer debated for the first time in the campaign tonight at the University of Rochester.

The New York Times reports much of the debate centered on Clinton's presidential aspirations and her insistence that for now she is interested only in keeping her job in the Senate.

One exchange quoted by the Times, about Clinton's call for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to be fired, was somewhat notable. First Clinton, then Spencer:

"You know, in the middle of the Civil War, Abraham Lincolc did not hesitate to change generals,” Mrs. Clinton said, drawing applause from the audience at the University of Rochester auditorium.

"You're not president yet, Mrs. Clinton," her opponent, John Spencer, the former mayor of Yonkers, shot back, noting that Mr. Lincoln was the president, not a senator, when he made critical decisions about that war. " -NEW YORK TIMES

Watch NY1s wrap-up of the debate here.

Clinton and Spencer will debate again Sunday in New York City.


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