19 October, 2006

Record Negatives Exposed For GOP In Wall Street Journal/NBC Poll; Numbers Lower Than Dems In 1994

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll published today shows Republicans are in a deeper hole now than the Democrats were at this time in the election season of 1994, the year they lost control of the House and Senate.

The poll indicates the GOP is at historical lows in a number of areas:

- By 52% to 37% voters favor Democrats over Republicans to control Congress - the widest-ever margin between the two parties in the WSJ/NBC poll. It's also the first time one party has scored above 50% in this category

- Half of independents say they prefer the Democrats to take over the reins, while one-fourth prefer the GOP

- Two-thirds of those polled rate this Congress below-average, a record low

- President Bush's job approval rating is at 38%, while disapproval is at 57%

- 52% say they have a negative opinion of President Bush (this is a measure of his popularity not his job approval rating), a worst-ever number for him.

- 32% rate the GOP positively while 49% view it negatively

- 37% view the Democrats positively while 35% view them negatively

This list goes on. View the poll report here.

The New York Times has a front page story today saying the Democrats have discovered that saying they are against the war in Iraq is not a bad thing, and it is working for them politically.


Quinnipiac University released the second-half of its latest statewide poll today.

In the attorney general race, Republican Jeanine Pirro slid a tiny bit. She now trails Democrat Andrew Cuomo by 21 points (55-34). Two weeks ago she trailed Cuomo by 19 points.

Hillary Clinton is 35 points ahead of her Republican challenger John Spencer in the race for U.S. Senate.

President Bush's approval rating is 29% in New York, while his dispproval rating in the state is at 64% . Some 45% of those polled said they were less likely to vote for a Republican because of Bush's performance in office.


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