16 October, 2006

Clinton, NOW Endorse Cuomo; Pirro Gets Nod From Labor Group

Andrew Cuomo got two key endorsements in his bid to become New York's next attorney general today.

Sen. Hillary Clinton and the National Oranization for Women, as well as coalition of other New York women's advocacy groups endorsed Cuomo today.

"There is no better candidate than Andrew Cuomo to protect women's rights," said Marcia Pappas, NOW-NYS PAC President. "His record speaks for itself. Andrew has always protected a woman's right to choose and we know we can trust him to continue to do that."

Pirro, meanwhile, officially received the backing of the labor group DC9, a building trades union.

(Photos: Left- Pirro with Joe Ramaglia of DC9 at the New York City Labor Day Parade
Right- Cuomo and Clinton at today's press conference)


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