06 October, 2006

Three More Former Pages Come Forward, At Least One Held Post On Rep. Kelly's Watch

ABC News reported today that three more pages have come forward with allegations of sexually explicit internet communications from ex-Congressman Mark Foley.

The local angle here is that at least one of the pages was in the progam when when Rep. Sue Kelly, the incumbent in New York's 19th District, was at the helm of the page board.

The pages were from the classes of 1998, 2000 and 2002. Kelly has said she's unclear about when she served as head of the page board, but several sources have put her time of tenure at Feb. 1999 through early 2001.

The campaign of Kelly's Democratic opponent John Hall weighed in on the latest reports.

"Sue Kelly has answered few questions regarding the details of her time as chair of the Page Board, so we are glad that there will now be an investigation," said Hall's press secretary Tom Staudter. "Mybe now her constituents across the 19th Congressional District will hear what she knew about Rep. Foley's misdeeds or why she didn't know about the welfare of the young people she was responsible for."

Meantime Hall has called on Kelly to ask House Speaker Dennis Hastert to resign so a House probe of the matter can be conducted without influence from Hastert, who has been criticized for his lack of response to allegations against Foley.


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