05 October, 2006

Pirro Picks Up A Bit, Clinton Still Leaving Spencer In Dust In Lastest Q-Poll

OK! Enough fun for one day (see below).

Back to the polls. Though they show nothing new, or exciting.

Quinnipiac University put out the second half of its latest statewide poll today, which shows Hillary Clinton with a 35 point lead over GOP challenger John Spencer in the battle for U.S. Senate, and Democrat Andrew Cuomo 19 points ahead of Republican Jeanine Pirro in the race for attorney general. That's among "likely" voters in both cases.

Cuomo also leads Pirro by 19 points among registered voters. That's down from a 23-point lead he held in the Aug. 23 Quinnipiac Poll.

Some 65% of those polled said they had heard about the federal probe involving Pirro over what started out as a domestic matter. Of those who had heard of the probe, 64% said it will have no effect on who they vote for in the AG race.


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