03 October, 2006

Hall Takes Debate Into His Own Hands With New TV Ad

John Hall can't seem to coax Sue Kelly into a debate, so the Democratic challenger in the race for Congress from New York's 19th District is taking the incumbent Republican to task over the air waves.

Hall debuted his first television ad of the campaign today, which hits Kelly for taking major campaign contributions from big oil and then offering the oil companies big tax breaks. The ad also targets Kelly's vote on tax cuts for what Hall calls "the super rich" and for presiding over the largest federal budget defecit on record. In addition Hall questions Kelly's votes to cut aid to education and veterans.

View ad here

The folks at Politics on the Hudson had a good wrap-up on the latest on the debates, or lack of them, in a post on Monday.

Meanwhile, today Hall is challenging Kelly to sign a pledge that she will oppose privatization of Social Security, something President Bush has hinted he will take another stab at - after election day.


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