03 October, 2006

Reynolds Taking A hit In Foley Scandal

Buffalo-area congressman Tom Reynolds, already in a tough re-election battle, is taking his hits over the Foley sex scandal.

Reynolds, who is head of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, has said he knew as early as the spring of this year of some questionable e-mails Foley sent to Congressional page, and that he brought them to the attention of House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

But some are criticizing Reynolds for what they say was his limited response to the e-mails.

I'm not going to get into a big rant about this. It's all over the blogosphere. Just point and click and you'll find something.

Here are a few things I found to be interesting. AmericaBlog, reports it has "confirmation" that that Reynolds current chief of staff, Kirk Fordam, who had the same position with Foley until last year, tried to broker a deal with ABC News to keep the lewdist of the e-mails off the air.

I also found it a bit ironic that at his press conference last night defending his actions in the case, Reynolds chose to use young children as props, to family-up the atmosphere. Seems like these kids were being used doesn't it?

And here's the best angle of all. And you somehow knew it would get around to this. According to the blog NewsMax, Rush Limbaugh thinks the whole thing is Bill Clinton's fault. And, while he's at it, Limbaugh blames the latest Jeanine Pirro fiasco on Clinton as well.


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