05 October, 2006

A Break From The Scandal Parade

We've made it to lunchtime on Thursday. It's all downhill from here.

The week has been full of strife and scandal and I thought it might be time for a little break.

The good folks at urbanelephants.com have obliged by providing the comic relief.

In an effort to push the campaign of GOP state comptroller candidate Christopher Callaghan, the blog is running a limerick contest (since Callaghan revealed in a New York Times piece last weekend that writing limericks is one of his hobbies).

Most of the entries are partisan, many of them are funny, some of them don't have the right meter and some are just plain dumb. But it's worth taking a look.

Here's my personal favorite:

There once was a Senator named Foley
Who's been acting a little unholy
Now the Dems are full of cheer
They can finally win this year
Someone pass Ted Kennedy another cannoli


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