04 October, 2006

Terrrorism Tour Over, Bush Approval Rating Falls To 39%

President Bush's approval rating spiked a bit during and after his 9/11 terrorism tour - the one where he made a speech a day about the so-called war on terror.

The boost was short-lived.

In the latest CNN poll, released late yesterday, Bush's approval rating is down to 39%. That's down from 42% just a week ago and the lowest it's been since mid-June in this particular poll.

Voter approval of the GOP dropped in the week as well. When asked which candidate they are most likely to vote for in THIER district, 54% of voters sad they'd choose the Democrat and 37% said the Republican. That compares with 52%-42% a week ago.

In one more telling statistic, 58% of those polled by CNN said they believe the Bush administration deliberately misled the country about how the war in Iraq is going.


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