05 October, 2006

John Hall Seeing Stars, Or Hoping To

New York's 19th Congressional District has been visited by some big names - Sen. John McCain of Airzona and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to name two.

Both came to the district in recent months to stump for - and raise money for - incumbent Republican Rep. Sue Kelly.

Well, John Hall wants in on some of the action as well. Kelly's Democratic opponent is asking his supporters to dream big. He wants them to name someone -anyone at all- who they would like to see come to the district to campaign for him.

With his Catch a Star for John campaign, Hall is hoping to induce a big name to come stump for him by popular demand. Let the "star" know they are so popular with his supporters that he or she simply must come to visit.

To vote, click here. Last I saw Bill Clinton was winning in a walk.


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