05 October, 2006

FOX News: Internal Poll Shows Republicans May Be In For Dis-Hastert In November

FOX News is reporting this evening that an internal GOP poll indicates that Dennis Hastert could be a disaster for Republicans if he stays on as House Speaker, as he has made clear today he intends to do.

The FOX report says the poll shows Hastert's presence could mean the difference between the GOP losing losing 20 seats in the House or up to 50 seats.

Meanwhile, a Time magazine poll released tonight shows two-thirds of Americans who have heard about the congressional page scandal believe the Republicans tried to cover it up.

The news is not much better for the GOP in an AP/Ipsos poll released today, which indicates that half of voters say the recent revelations of corruption and scandal in Congress will have a significant effect on their vote in November.

Lost in all the snap polling, primarily about the page scandal, is a major poll report released today by George Washington University - the Battleground 2006 survey. This poll was conducted in the last week of September and is 40 pages of politics from A to Z. If you are a junkie you'll definately want to click here. (Get a BIG cup of coffee and a soft chair first).

The GWU poll is impossible to adequately summarize quickly, but here are a couple of relevant points as far as control of Congress is concerned.

By a 49% to 41% margin, those polled would rather see the Democrats in charge of Congress after election day.

But, when asked how they think their own Congressman is doing 62% said they approve.

In addition, and again a possible ray in a dark cloud for the GOP, 53% of voters say the mid-term election is about electing individual members of Congress and not a referendum on President Bush.


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