14 October, 2006

Is Sue Kelly Being Swift-Boated?

Majority Action, an independent so-called 527, has paid for an ad that has the Sue Kelly campaign crying foul.

The ad, definitely in the "attack' category points out Kelly's campaign contribitions from drug companies, oil companies and House leaders "who looked the other way during the latest Congressional scandal."

The Kelly campaign put out a statement yesterday saying the ads are out-of-bounds .

"Majority Action is dumping half a million dollars into this race - money that is being used to air a filthy, scurrilous attack on my character and integrity. What is Majority Action? One of those mysterious democrat shadow groups called a "527," funded by well-healed fat cats who can cut six and seven figure checks and operate outside the rules imposed on federal candidates."

527s of another stripe, in previous elections, attacked Max Cleland - the former Congressman rendered a paraplegic during his time in the service in Vietnam - for being weak on national security. The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were also a 527, and they need no introduction.

Majority Action says its goal is to "promote and build a progressive majority" in the House. Its chief officers are Democratic Party big-wigs.

Hall campaign spokesman Tom Staudter says the campaign "has no affiliation with Majority Action whatsoever" and that the ads came as a "complete surprise to everyone in the campaign." Staudter said campaign staffers saw the ad for the first time yesterday on CNN.

You can see the ad by clicking below:
Think Again -- Sue Kelly


At 8:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not "Swift Boating" if it is true. What did Kelly know about Foley? Why won't she answer? Why is she in hiding?
Until she comes clean, any comparison to "swift boating" is absurd.


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