17 October, 2006

With Party Mates Like Spencer, Pirro Needs No Enemies

Another day another fire to put out for Jeanine Pirro. It's all in a day's campaigning.

The New York Sun reported today that Republican candidate for U.S. Senate John Spencer had, in the past, accused Pirro of using her former position as Westchester Coounty District Attorney to protect corrupt officials and punish her political enemies.

Photo Credit: Washington Post

The Sun reports Spencer made the accusations in a letter to Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in June 2003, asking him to look into corruption in Westchester.
Here's a brief clip from the story:

"No genuine political corruption is investigated by the Westchester DA," Mr. Spencer wrote. "Instead, she protects the corrupt officials, punishes the weak people caught in the corrupt web and insures that they are not in a position to point fingers."

The issue made it into the second of two debates between Pirro and her opponent in the state attorney general race Andrew Cuomo, the Associated Press reported.

In a related topic, sort of, The New Republic has a story this week about how Pirro's entanglements with Bernard Kerik may have implications for the political future of Rudy Giuliani, the man Kerik worked for as New York City's police commissioner.


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