17 October, 2006

Hall, Kelly Clash Over Page Scandal

Democrat John Hall and Republican Rep. Sue Kelly had a bitter exchange yesterday over the Congressional page scandal.

Hall broached the subject during a a meeting with the editorial board of the Middletown Times Herald Record, setting off an angry response from Kelly.

See the video here.

Hall is challenging Kelly for her seat in Congress, from New York's 19'th District.

Kelly was head of the Congressional Page Board in 1999 and 200. She has said repeatedly that there were no reports that disgraced former congressman Mark Foley had any improper interaction with the pages during that period.

ABC News recently reported Foley allegedyly tried to gain entry to the page dorm one night during the summer of 2000.

Hall has been attempting to tie Kelly to the scandal, asking why she didn't know of Foley's antics at a time when she was head of the page board.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger Ron Vallo said...

The following is quoted directly from a comment left by someone calling themselves Porgie Tirebiter. The post could not be published in its entirety because it summarizes Rep. Kelly's alleged comments on emminent domain, which I could not verify. The rest of it is Porgie's opinion, which he/she is entitled to so I'm re-creating that portion of the posting

"So, Sue Kelly is in charge of the program in 1999 (when one page is getting preyed upon in IMs)and was in charge of the page program in 2000 when Foley arrived drunk and tried to break into the dorm. Sue Kelly claims ignorance ....UHHH....isn't that almost worse? She was charged with their SAFETY, and was ignorant of all this......PATHETIC!!" - porgie tirebiter


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