17 October, 2006

Kelly Endorsed By League Of Conservation Voters

Republican Rep. Sue Kelly has been endorsed by the National League of Conservation Voters and its local counterpart, the New York League of Conservation Voters.

League President Gene Karpinski was with Kelly yesterday to announce the endorsement:

"LCV is proud to endorse Rep. Sue Kelly for re-election. During her tenure in Congress, Rep. Kelly has supported common sense solutions to move this country toward a clean energy future, such as requiring new cars to go further on a gallon of gas. She also believes Congress should take strong action to reduce the threat of global warming.

Earlier this month the National LCV put out its Environmental Report Card, scoring every Senator and House member on votes related to environmental issues.

For 2006, Kelly scored a 92%, having voted only once "against the environment" on 12 separate bills watched by the group. That one bill provided for a speeding up of the process to open new oil refineries.

Kelly's score in 2005, however, was only 17%. Her lifetime score, according to the LCV, is 68%.

Two other members of Congress from the Lower Hudson region, Democrat Eliot Engel of the 17th Congressional District and Democrat Nita Lowey of the 18th District each scored 100% in 2006, 94% in 2005 and 91% lifetime.

Sens. Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, both Democrats, scored 71% for 2006 - having voted against the group's wishes twice on offshore drilling. (There were only seven Senate votes scored by the group in 2006).

Schumer scored 100% in 2005 and 89% liftetime, while Clinton was at 95% in 2005 and 90% lifetime.

The scores for all members of the New York House delegation are on pages 29 and 30 of the report.


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