20 October, 2006

Status Quo In WNBC/Marist Poll

Someone really ought to tell them about the news cycle. Who releases a poll at 6:00 pm on a Friday night?

The folks at WNBC and Marist College. That's who.

Here's the latest New York State WNBC/Marist poll highlights.

Nothing's changed. These numbers apply to registered voters:

  • Governor: Spitzer (D) 66 Faso (R) 20 Last month 67-21
  • Attorney General: Cuomo (D) 54 Pirro (R) 38 Sept. 28 54-31
  • Comptroller: Hevesi (D) 57 Callaghan (R) 25 Sept. 28 57-27
  • U.S. Senate Clinton (D) 63 Spencer (R) 32 Last month 62-32
  • Contol of Congress: Dems favored 58% GOP favored 30%
  • My own Congressperson should be re-elected 55% yes 24% no
  • Congress in general deserves re-elected 32% yes 55% no
  • Bush approval: excellent or good job 26%; fair or poor job 73%

Points of interest:

With regard to Jeanine Pirro's alleged boat-bugging incident, 27% said she did nothing wrong, while 47% said they think she did something unethical and 19% think she did something illegal. Still, she gained 8 points since the last poll on Sept. 28.

Some 82% of registered voters polled statewide said Iraq was a major factor in their decision on who to vote for in November. The same number said the war on terror was an important factor and 68% said President Bush's performance could sway their vote. Only 35% said Congress' handling of the page scandal would contribute to their decision.


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