20 October, 2006

Comedy Is Central To Hall's Latest TV Appearance

But there was a little singing and some politics as well.

Democrat John Hall, running for Congress from New York's 19th District, was featured on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" last night.

Hall was invited by host Stephen Colbert - who is not really a right-wing talk-show host but plays one on TV - after the camera-shy incumbent Rep. Sue Kelly declined to be on the show.

The five-minute appearance included a bungled (as only Colbert can do) recap of Hall's musical career, a shot or two by Colbert at Kelly for not coming on the show and a duet with Hall and Colbert singing "Dance With Me," one of the top hits of Hall's '70's pop band Orleans. And there was some conversation on the issues of the day.

You can view the segment here.


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