24 October, 2006

AARP's Advice To Voters- Don't Vote!! (At Least Not "Til You Know Who You're Voting For)

The AARP has set up a new Web site to provide voter information on candidates nationwide.

It is called dontvote.com

That seems like a strange address for a voter information Web site, but the point of the site is to urge voters to vote only AFTER they have the facts.

You can look up the candidates in your state at the site and find out where they stand on the issues.

AARP is running some clever ads to publicize the site, like this one, called "Song and Dance"; and this one, called "Don't Vote"

And then there's the interactive "Ask The Candidate" page on the site, where you can get a non-answer from a generic candidate on any question you can come up with.


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