14 April, 2006

Hillary Raking It In; Campaign Chest At $20 Million

Missed a day yesterday so I'll try to catch up some today.

One major item that deserves a mention is Sen. Hillary Clinton's first-quarter campaign finance report. According to several sources includimg Hotline On Call, Clinton's re-election committee raised $6 million in the first three months of the year and has $19.7 million in the bank.

Meanwhile, Clinton's GOP challengers raised quite a bit less, according to Capitol Confidential, the Albany Times-Union's political blog.

No word yet on fundraising from Jonathan Tasini, who is challenging Clinton on the Democratic side. Tasini's camp did announce an endorsement yesterday, from the Ithaca Progressive Democrats for America.

And Tisini got a bit of exposure on the Huffington Post blog (one of the biggies among the left-wingers). As a guest blogger Tasini wrote that the immigration problem in the U.S. is the result of our economic and foreign policies. Tasini argues that most of the recent immigrants come from countries where they faced political oppresion at the hands of regimes the U.S. supported, or from places where our free-trade agreements have forced governments to slash aid to their people.

One more note on Hillary Clinton. Dick Morris, a former political consultant to President Bill Clinton, writes in The Hill that two recent polls (both of which we've reported on exhaustively here) indicate that Sen. Clinton may not be the sure bet for the 2008 Democratic presidential nod that many say she is.


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