19 May, 2006

Lieberman Gets Democrat Nod In Connecticut, But Lamont Strong Enough To Force Primary

Sen. Joe Lieberman, who has won the scorn of the left wing of the Democratic party with his support of President Bush's Iraq policy, got enough votes to win the party's nomination at the state party convention tonight, the Hartford Courant reports.

But, a lot of the buzz was about Ned Lamont, the Connecticut businessman and anti-war challenger to Lieberman. According to the Courant, Lamont got a full-third of the votes cast at the convention, enough to force a primary.

Lamont has become this year's darling of the left-wing blogosphere and he has parlayed the attention, and the disaffection for Lieberman, into a strong bid to beat the three-term senator.

Strong enough at least, the New York Times reported today, to have party regulars - and Liberman himself - very concerned.


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