14 August, 2006

Upstart Congressional Candidates Get Backing Of New York AFL-CIO; Hall Gillibrand Get The Nod

Democratic challengers in two local congressional races got the backing of the state AFL-CIO at the labor organization's convention today.

John Hall, one of four Democrats challenging Republican Rep. Sue Kelly in the 19th District was endorsed by the AFL-CIO, as was Kirstin Gillibrand, the Democrat challenging Republican Rep. John Sweeney in the 20th District.

Here's the Associated Press' take on the endorsements.

The influential labor organization, as expected, also endorsed Andrew Cuomo for attorney general and had already backed Eliot Spitzer for governor.

Hall also today received the endorsement of the progressive grassroots group Philipstown for Democracy.

One of Hall's Democratic opponents, Judy Aydelott today announced the endorsement of JFK's chief speech writer Ted Sorensen, who has been active in Democratic politics for decades.

The AFL-CIO's endorsements of two non-incumbent congressional candidates may be indicative of a building opposition to President Bush and his policies -- at least in the Northeast. The Washington Post reported today about the dilemma facing Republican candidates in a region where Bush's approval rating is at 28%


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