13 September, 2006

Dems To Throw "Unity Party" Tomorrow In District 19

With John Hall's decisive win on Tuesday night, Democrats now say they plan to come together to accomplish their initial goal -- beat 19th Congressional District incumbent Republican Rep. Sue Kelly.

Hall's campaign sent word today that Hall, all of his challengers in the race and state and local Democratic Party officials will throw what is being billed as a "unity party" tomorrow afternoon in Beacon.

The media advisory says Judy Aydelott, Ben Shuldiner and Darren Rigger -- Hall's foes in the primary -- will all be there, as well as Jim Martorano who had been in the race earlier in the year and then threw his support behind Hall.

The release also quotes New York State Democratic Party Chairman Herman Farrell, who says with the primary in the rear-view mirror it's time to get united for November.

"Now that the primary is over and John Hall has emerged
victorious, Democrats stand united behind him, confident
that Sue Kelly's days in Congress are numbered. In the
weeks to come, we will stand together to highlight the
differences between John's positive vision of independent
leadership and Sue Kelly's rubber-stamp allegiance to
George Bush." -- Herman Farrell

We've gotten no response directly from the Aydelott or Shuldiner camps about an endorsement of Hall. Rigger sent word last night that he plans to support the Democratic nominee.

While we're on the subject of the 19th District, I saw a post today on Take19 that I found somewhat interesting. Take19, as you may know, is the blog which was created for the sole purpose of helping to defeat Kelly this fall. The post, which was actually put up Sunday, quotes Kelly as warning supporters to expect a tough race, thanks in part to the "effort of bloggers to nationalize this race."

Speaking for one blogger - me - I have tried a few times to reach Kelly's media staffers via e-mail (which is how I collect most of my stuff) and haven't heard a word back.


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