08 September, 2006

NYPols Endorses Spitzer In Democratic Primary For Governor

This should be reasonably quick.

Life is all about timing, and this is not Tom Suozzi's time.

Suozzi, an accomplished county executive from Nassau County, has shown his ability to rein in an out-of-control budget and set the county on the right path. His accomplishments in Nassau have won him statewide acclaim from his public-sector collegues and the goodwill of the people of Long Island.

But Suozzi's big mistake was his timing, having chosen to make his first state-wide run when the prize he was seeking seemed all but awarded to Eliot Spitzer.

If he has not done irreperable harm to his standing within the state Democratic Party, Suozzi's day may come soon enough. But 2006 is Spitzer's year. And well it should be.

As attorney general Spitzer has taken the office beyond its traditional role, fiercly pursuing white-collar crime on Wall Street and taking an activist role in policing internet fraud, harm to the environment and payola in the music industry.

Spitzer has been criticized for being too high-profile and a headline grabber. But we don't mind. We hire politicians to fulfill the duties of the office they have sought. When someone lives up to our expectations perhaps he should take the time to crow about it.

The polls have shown the people are happy with the man they hired to be attorney general and think he will be an effective governor. You won't get an argument from us.


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