04 September, 2006

Hall Biggest Money Raiser In Last Phase Of 19th District Primary Race

In one of the few truly competitive primary races on the New York landscape, John Hall came up the winner in the money-raising game for the pre-primary period in the race for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 19th District.

Hall reported raising $192,613 in the July 1 to Aug. 23 period, compared with just under $58,000 for Judy Aydelott and just under $12,000 for Ben Shuldiner. The fourth candidate in the race, Darren Rigger, did not file a report. The reports were due at the Federal Election Commission on Aug. 31.

Hall also led his competitors in cash on hand as of the 23rd, at just under $246,000. Aydelott has $152,000 to spend and Shuldiner has a little over $92,000.

Also while we were away Hall annnounced that he has been endorsed by the Sierra Club.

Republican Sue Kelly, the incumbent in the 19th District, raised $314,449 during the period and has nearly $1.3 million on hand to spend against her ultimate challenger among the Democrats.

In the most-recent period Kelly raised $187,000 from Political Action Committees (lobbyists) and has received nearly $1 million ($959,000) from PACs in this election cycle. Hall is the leader in PAC money received among the Democrats at $23,535 for the entire election cycle. So Kelly has received more than 40 times as much PAC money as Hall, her nearest Democratic competitor.


In the Democratic race for governor, Eliot Spitzer raised $765,000 in the pre-primary period, compared with Tom Suozzi's $212,000. Spitzer has more than $12 million to spend, while Suozzi has just over $1 million


The Democrats running for attorney general also filed reports. In the latest period, Mario Cuomo raised $250,000+ and has about $3.4 million to spend; Mark Green raised about $56,000 and has almost $1.5 million in cash on hand; Sean Patrick Maloney raised $36,000 and has about $230,000 to spend; and Charlie King raised $36,000 and has about $300,000 on hand.


As we mentioned, we were away for a few days dropping off kids at school. What we didn't anticipate was a blown transmission smack in the middle of no place and the time it took to get the damned thing fixed. So we were away much longer than we'd hoped. Thanks to those who kept checking in. We hope you'll stick with us.


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