24 August, 2006

Nothing New In the New Q-Poll On Senate Race

KT McFarland returned to the campaign trail today, finding herself trailing her Republican opponent John Spencer by 7 points in the latest Quinnipiac University poll.

Spencer was the choice of 30% of Republicans polled, while McFarland was polling at 23%. That makes the majority of those polled undecided. In a WNBC/Marist poll released last night Spencer led McFarland 36% to 18%, with most GOP voters undecided.

Among those who picked a candidate in today's Q-Poll, 65% said they could change their minds between now and the Sept. 12 primary.

This could mean a few things. The two GOP candidates aren't getting their messages out clearly enough for people to make up their minds. Or, the voters aren't really thrilled by their choices.

One thing it does mean for sure is that no one yet knows who's going to win this race.

The next question is does it really matter?

Sen. Hillary Clinton soundly defeats either GOP candidate in one-on-one pairings by Quinnipiac. She leads her Democratic rival Jonathan Tasini 86% to 10%.

Tasini, by the way, today announced the endorsement of his campaign by the Citizens for Universal Health Care.

Clinton, long a propponent of the so-called "Plan B" contraceptive pill, today applauded it's approval by the Food and Drug Administration.

Spencer's campaign Web site today did a little touch up to its bogus claim that Clinton voted against the Patriot Act. On the home page, next to one of two ads in which Spencer accuses Clinton of voting against the measure, the site reads "Hillary voted to weaken the Patriot Act." The ad, however, still insists she voted against the legistlation.


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