24 August, 2006

KT Back On The Campaign Trail

After putting her campaign on hold for most of this week, Republican KT McFarland has resumed her bid for the Senate.

McFarland suspended the campaign after her dauther Camilla was arrested for shoplifting last Saturday, but, she says, it's time to resume the bid.

"My daughter made a serious and uncharacteristic mistake for which there is no excuse, and we needed the last few days together to address her actions thoroughly and unflinchingly. We will be spending a great deal of time together on the campaign trail in the coming weeks, because clearly she has not been getting the guidance she needs. She is a wonderful girl and I will be proud to have her by my side."

After spending time working as a research assistant for Henry Kissinger, and then working as a public affairs official in the Defense Department during the Reagan years, McFarland stepped off the fast track to raise her children.

The run for Senate is her return to the political wars.

McFarland will resume her atactivities with a visit to the state fair today and then move on to the Onondaga County GOP clam bake.


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