22 August, 2006

Poll Puts Lamont, Lieberman Just About Even

A poll today from the American Research Group shows Ned Lamont has erased the double-digit lead that newly independent candidate Sen. Joe Lieberman had a few days after announcing he would run on his own after losing the Democratic primary for Senate in Connecticut.

American Reasearch Group's poll of likely voters in November put Lieberman in the lead by a 44% to 42% count, with Republican Alan Schlesinger checking in at 3%. Eleven percent of voters remain undecided.

Lieberman leads Lamont 57% to 18% among Republicans and 48% to 38% among independents. Lamont has a 65% to 30% lead among registered Democrats.

A blogger on the DailyKos reports similar findings from a Rasmussen Poll today. Rasmussen is a subscription-only site so I can't check it out. But, according to the Kos post, Lieberman leads Lamont 45% to 43%.

A political blog, TPMCafe, reported yesterday that Lamont was set to get the endorsement of the United Autoworkers Union today. I've been watching the wires, blogs and Lamont's Web site. Haven't seen anything confirming that yet.


Yesterday the New York Times editorial page called on Sen. Hillary Clinton to get of her high horse and debate anti-war candidate Jonathan Tasini, who will be challenging her in the Democratic primary in a few short weeks.

Today, the Times' Clyde Haberman makes the same call.

The opinion piece is in the paid section of the Web site, so a link would be pointless for many of you. But Tasini's blog has reprinted the part of the editorial pertinent to the Senate race.


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