16 August, 2006

District 19 Race Finally Catches Attention Of The Big City Media; Hall Campaign Featured On WCBS-TV

It usually takes a high-profile murder, a high-school sports scandal or some other sensational event to get those city slicker TV reporters to get in their trucks and come way up north to the suburbs to cover the news.

So it is kinda news in itself that WCBS-TV came all the way up to Mt. Kisco to cover a scandal - less political story.

On it's broadcast this evening, Channel 2 did a story on John Hall's efforts to unseat Republican Rep. Sue Kelly in New York's 19th Congressional District.

Of course the story doesn't mention the three other Democrats in the race: Judy Aydelott, Darren Rigger and Ben Shuldiner. But, then again, with the other three candidates there's no catchy "music star" hook to entice the TV folks.

(By the way, if you click above to see the report you have to sit through a short ad first).


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