15 August, 2006

Stars Shine For Rigger Too!

John Hall is not the only candidate in New York's 19th Congressional District with famous friends.

Darren Rigger has enlisted the help of a few celebrities in his bid to win the Democratic nod in the district.

Yesterday, Christian Camargo - a high school friend of Rigger's - joined with the other members of the cast of MTV's Fast Inc. - in sending out a letter of support for the candidate.

The campaign also announced today it has received contributions from Hollywood's Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins as well as syndicated TV host B. Smith.

This is not Sarandon's first foray into New York politics this year. As we reported back in May, she endorsed Jonathan Tasini's bid to unseat Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Demcratic primary.


Also in the 19th District, Democrat Ben Shuldiner sent word he's holding a fundraising dinner tomorrow night at Julianna's American Bistro in Cortlandt Manor. Shuldiner will unveil some new Web ads at the event.


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