21 August, 2006

McFarland Suspends Campaign After Daughter's Arrest


Republican Senate candidate KT McFarland's star-crossed campaign is on hold, temorarily at least.

The announcement came from her campaign this afternoon, saying McFarland is putting her senate bid aside while she and her husband deal with the shoplifting charges her daughter faces after being arrested over the weekend on Long Island. The daughter, 16-year-old Camilla, is charged with two counts of petty theft and possession of stolen goods.

It's not clear when/if McFarland will resume the campaign according to this quote from the press release:

"My husband Alan and I are deeply alarmed by this incident and will be spending every waking hour in the coming days dealing head on with the repercussions of her actions. Our children are our first priority, and our youngest child needs our full and immediate attention.

"I therefore am suspending my campaign activities until further notice. I will resume active campaigning only when I am certain that my daughter is okay and getting the help she needs.

First let me just say if you want more details try the mainstream media. A young girl made a mistake and we really don't need to know more about it than that. Those of us with teenagers, or who have parented our way through those years, know that nothing surprises - even with the best of kids.

My only other comment is that McFarland should be applauded for putting her children first, something I see too little of out here in suburbia where the kids often get everything they want too easily except for the thing they really want - and need - two parents who are around to take notice of them.


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