21 August, 2006

19th District Doings: Who's Footing The Bill For Sue Kelly?

Back in July, when the mid-year campaign finance reports were coming in, we did a piece on the free ride incumbents get in the fundraising game. It seems they just sit back and wait for the special interests to write the checks.

As we reported, 54% of Republican Rep. Sue Kelly's donations came from Poticial Action Committees as of the June 30 filing. Today's Journal News takes a closer look at just which PACs are filling Kelly's coffers. As it turns out, much of her PAC money comes from industries Kelly has overseen in Congress, according to today's Journal News report.


Residents of New York's 19th District, the one Kelly represents, should be getting their first campaign leaflet from Judy Aydelott - one of four Democrats hoping to unseat Kelly.

Aydelott's campaign announced the first mass-mailing by her camp this weekend. The direct-mail piece targets the Bush administration's policies on Iraq, energy and health care.


Or at least John Hall hopes so. Hall is one of the other Democrats in the 19th District race. Over the weekend his campaign did an e-mailing for donations to print up yard signs. In keeping with his political beliefs, Hall emphasizes the signs are all union made and recycled/recyclable.


At 1:47 PM, Anonymous SK said...

There is much where Sue Kelly is concerned to ALARM the voters of the 19th...for instance, her odd support of a $2.5 million dollar piece of Pork for Donald Trump.

Do you suppose, that her being named onto a steering committee for the German American Hall of Fame along with TRUMP helped ease that little tag on late night pork fest into the bill?

What about BOAT GATE...look at the committees she is on, then ask how it is she got to use said boat for a SIGNIFICANT fund raiser...have you look at how much money this woman spends on CATERING?


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