16 August, 2006

Cuomo Defends His Experience Level In AG Town Hall Gathering

Andrew Cuomo hit back tonight against criticism that he doesn't have the right kind of experience to be New York's next attorney general.

NY1 and Pace University tonight hosted a town hall meeting featuring the four Democrats and lone Republican running for Attorney General.

Cuomo, Mark Green, Charlie King and Sean Patrick Maloney were there on the Democratic side. Jeanine Pirro is the only Republican in the race.

Cuomo argued that he supervised hundreds of attorneys as head of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Green talked about education and Pirro talked about her support for civil rights - and same-sex civil unions.

NY1 summarized the evening in this rundown.

The evening was a dry - and we do mean dry - run for tomorrow night's debate of the Democratic candidates, also to be hosted by Pace and NY1.


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