23 August, 2006

Tasini Proposes A New 'New Deal'

Jonathan Tasini, Hillary Clinton's opponent in the Democratic primary for Senate, today unveiled his economic plan, dubbing it a 'New Deal for New Yorkers.'

The 21-page plan is based on seven principles:

  • single-payer health care, or "Medicare for all"
  • an end to the "occupation" of Iraq - which Tasini argues is an economic issue
  • an end to NAFTA-type free-trade agreements
  • strengthening workers' rights and ability to organize
  • a "fairness tax on profiteers on Wall Street"
  • a comprehensive energy plan
  • a universal pension system
Boiled down further, Tasini says his plan is to build "an economy for people, not corporations."

"Corporations exist to enhance people's lives, not just the lives of a few executives," said Tasini. "The vitality of communities should be measured directly by how well individuals are doing, not simply by corporate balance sheets." - Tasini Web site


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