05 September, 2006

Aydelott Gets New York Times' Nod In District 19

Judy Aydelott is the choice of the New York Times in the Democratic Party primary in New York's 19th Congressional District.

The Times on Sunday (we should have had this earlier, we apologize) endorsed Aydelott in the four-person race.

For those of you who don't have an online subscription of the Times, you may not be able to click through to the story.

The endorsement basically says the Democrats are offering four good candidates (we couldn't agree more), but that due to their experience and "depth" Aydelott and John Hall stand out over Darren Rigger and Ben Shuldiner. The paper, after a bit more commentary on Hall and Aydelott, chooses Aydelott because of what it calls her deep roots in the district.

"Mr. Hall may be best known for the songs "Still the One" and "Dance With Me" and the hairy-chested album cover he posed for in his Orleans era. But he deserves respect as a long-time Democratic activist who has drawn attention beyond his celebrity status as an articulate and forceful voice for his party's ideals. Ms. Aydelott, a more low-key presence, has equally solid credentials and a convincing message that should resonate well in this moderate district, where she has lived all her life. Her deep roots here help to make her a compellingly well-rounded candidate, and she wins our endorsement." - New York Times 09-03-06


With a week to go until the primary, Rigger, who has had less success at fundraising then the other candidates, announced today he has begun his direct-mail campaign. Rigger today filed his pre-primary financial statement (from July 1 to Aug. 23). In the period he raised about $19,500 and has about $10,500 on hand ... well below the other candidates.


Aydelott will host another of her community spaghetti dinners tomorrow night. The pasta and politicking will be served up at the Elks Lodge in Beacon.


In the interest of equal time ... John Hall has an event planned for tomorrow as well. He'll join with teachers, union leaders and students to criticize the effects of the Bush administration's "No Child Left Behind" policy on special ed and ELL students.


At 9:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hall is the pure Democratic candidate and deserved the Times endorsement. I am a big Hall fan, but am getting concerned because I have received lots of mail from Judy. I know a lot about Hall, but am worried that many Democrats will be fooled by Aydelott's mail.

At 10:41 PM, Blogger Ron Vallo said...

Hopefully it won't come down to who sends out the most pamphlets or who wrote the most hit songs but rather who wins the battle of ideas.

Unfortunately, I've seen Jesse Ventura and Ahhnold become governors based on odball popularity and countless others win their offices by with a seemingly endless supply of money.

So we can hold our breath and hope the best man/woman with the best ideas wins on Tuesday.

At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How could the Times endorse a Republican for the Democratic primary?! Have they lost their minds?

After much thought I've changed my vote -- I was going to vote for the candidate I love, but I now think I need to vote for the candidate who is most likely to beat Aydelott, and that's Hall. Looking at everyone's financials clinched it for me. It's a little bit cynical, I know, but I'm desperate to get someone in there who won't rubberstamp Bush 85% of the time. And Hall strikes me as a person who has nothing to lose by speaking his mind rather than rolling over for lobbyists' money.

...I still can't get over the Times's inscrutable endorsement.


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