05 September, 2006

Tasini, Clinton Unveil New Video Ads As The Democratic Primary For Senate Draws Near

With a week to go until Hillary Clinton takes on anti-war candidate Jonathan Tasini in the Democratic primary for her New York seat in the Senate, both candidates had new ads out today.

Clinton, of course, has tens of millions of dollars to get her ad out over the air. It's also on her Web site.

Tasini, on the other hand, has six new videos and no money to get them on the TV. So he has posted all six on his Web site. Each video centers on a different topic, including the war, health care, big business, equal rights, the lack of a debate in his faceoff with Clinton and my personal favorite, entitled "Donkey Con." In this one Tasini shows a faux Clinton attempting to ride a Democratic donkey, but in the end being spurned by the creature for her alleged failure to live up to the principals of the party due to her stance on the war and free trade.


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