13 September, 2006

Senate Race Wrap-Up; The Candidates Comment

John Spencer took 60% of the vote in his faceoff with KT McFarland for the GOP nomination for Senate. No one really knew what to expect in this one since the polls were so fluid right up to the end. But you had the sense that Spencer was in command.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Tasini managed to pull in 17% of the Democratic vote in his race against Hillary Clinton. That wasn't enough to make him a viable-enough candidate to grace the TV screens of NY1 for a debate against Clinton, but it was enough to put him several percentage points above his highest polling numbers. So hats off to Tasini.

Tasini bowed out last night, but not quietly.

"We knew when we got into this race what we would face - a political machine that believes only in money, that believes only in the accumulation in power, that does not know principles, and that would do anything to win. But what we have is the belief that we can change our country. We are working to create a powerful progressive movement that stands up for the values that we believe in and in the end I believe we will win."

Tasini's comments were posted on his Web site. For the full comments click here.

Clinton pretty much ignored Tasini throughout the primary race and seemed to pretty much ignore the primary tally as well. All she could muster on her site was this comment to supporters.

"Thank you for your support for Hillary in the primary election! This victory was an important recognition of her hard work on behalf of the issues and values we care about."

No need to check the Web site. That's All there is.

Spencer made it clear at his victory party last night that he can't wait to go head-to-head with Clinton, saying she "is in for the fight of her life." His blog, somewhat laughably, said Clinton underperformed last night.

"Clinton failed to meet expectations against her Democratic opponent Jonathan Tasini, an under-funded and ignored anti-war candidate who still managed to garner 17 % in Tuesday's primary -- where some journalists and pollsters had openly predicted 90% or more. She would finish with 83%."

Wish my stock portfolio would underpeform like that.

KT McFarland, who was locked in a nasty race with Spencer from her time of entry in early spring, did not endorse the former Yonkers mayor in her concession speech last night, as Capitol Confidential reports, but made a somewhat reluctant endorsement of "the winner" later.


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