12 September, 2006

You Hold The Strings So Pull Them!

There's only one race for Republicans to dwell on statewide today, and polls show voters aren't all that excited about their choices in that race - for the U.S. Senate.

But Scott Scala has a great post today on UrbanElephants.com pointing out why it's important for the GOP rank and file to go to the polls today.

Scala's basically says "use it (the right to vote) or lose it" (to party bosses who will work harder in the future to prevent primary contests).

The truth is Democrats don't have much at stake either if you trust the polls, and they are often very trustworthy. Just the attorney general race (barely), the well-fought race for Congress in the 19th Diistrict and a state legislator race here or there.

But Democrats can make a statement today too. A statement about national security and about the war in Iraq. They have a clear choice on those issues in the Democratic primary for the Senate. Democrats too should take this opportunity to make their voices heard.


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