30 October, 2006

Hevesi Says He's Not Going Anywhere, Pataki Says Comptroller Not "Capable" Of Doing Job

Embattled state comptroller Alan Hevesi stopped by the editorial board of the Albany Times-Union today, and said he has no plans to exit his race for re-election.

The newspaper's political blog, Capitol Confidential, reports Hevesi said he thinks impeachment proceedings would an "unfair" response to his use of a state employee to be his wife's driver.

The blog also reports today that Sen. Chuck Schumer said he is unable to back his fellow Democrat, Hevesi, for re-election.

Meanwhile, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reports Sen. Hillary Clinton said today she would vote for Hevesi "because the alternative would not be acceptable." That "alternative" would be Republican challenger Chris Callaghan, who's experience - running the 12-person Saratoga County Treasurer's office - is seen by many as a bit light.

And, the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association said it is taking the "unprecedented" action of urging its 250,000 members and their families not to vote for Hevesi. NYSCOPBA President Larry Flanagan said in a statment released by the group that "as law enforcement officers we can't support anyone who has broken the law."

Meanwhile, the man who could kick off impeachment proceedings against Hevesi - Gov. George Pataki - told the Associated Press today he thinks the comptroller is not "capable" of doing the job in light of the so-called `driving Mrs. Hevesi' scandal.

Pataki has appointed a special investigator to help him determine whether Hevesi's case should be turned over to the state legislature for removal proceedings.


So what is Hevesi's response to the various rebukes he's received from political friend and foe alike? An attack on his opponent of course. See the ad here.


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