21 September, 2006

Clinton-Spencer Debates Set


Things continue to heat up in the New York race for the U.S. Senate.

It took weeks of badgering and three letters from the John Spencer campaign (read letters one, two and three), but Hillary Clinton has finally agreed to debate her GOP challenger.

The Associated Press says Clinton and Spencer will debate twice, in Rochester on Oct. 20 and in New York City two days later.

Meanwhile, according to Newsday today, Clinton is "daring" President Bush to come to New York to campaign for Spencer, saying she'd even pay for Bush's airfare to come to New York City - a place where he is not too popular.

Also today, The Journal News reported that Clinton is taking the offensive in her campaign against Spencer, in ccontrast to her nearly silent campaign against Jonathan Tasini for the Democratic nomination. Pundits quoted in the article attributed Clinton's aggressive aproach to the general election to a desire to "bury" Spencer at the polls to make a statement for her anticipated presidential bid in 2008.

Meanwhile, on another matter entirely, Spencer - on his blog today - challenged Clinton to defend Pope Benedict's right to free speech. The pope, of course, in embroiled in controversy over comments he quoted last week that members of the Islamic faith have taken as a slur against their religion.

Not sure what that has to do with being Senator from New York, but I bring it to your attention anyway.


The New London Day is reporting that a debate has been set in Connecticut's Senate race as well.

On Oct. 23 Democrat Ned Lamont, Republican Alan Schlesinger and incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman, in independent (for now), will face off. ABC's George Stephanopoulos will moderate.


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