16 September, 2006

Lamont Uses Yankee-Red Sox Rivalry To Throw High Hard One Against Lieberman

It's been a few weeks since we ventured across the border into Connecticut and this is as good a time as any to do so.

With the Yanks and Red Sox going at it again this weekend, Connecticut is the one state where both teams have a solid group of supports.

Democrat Ned Lamont, running against independent candidate and incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman, is running an ad this weekend which plays off the Yankee-Red Sox rivalrly.

The ad, running during this weekend's games, appears on Lamont's Web site under the heading RED SOX, YANKEE FANS AGREE: JOE'S A TURNCOAT. View the ad here.

Lieberman, a Democrat, decided to run on an independent line after losing the party primary to Lamont in August.


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