14 September, 2006

Clinton-Spencer Race Off And Running

John Spencer last night told a NY1 television audience that he never runs negative campaigns.

Thinking back to his controversial ad dueing the primaries which put Hillary Clinton and Osama Bin Laden on-screen together, some might question that statement.

In fact, the Clinton campaign did just that today, putting out a press release responding to Spencer's claim. The quote is from Clinton advisor Howard Wolfson.

"If comparing Senator Clinton to Osama bin Laden is what John Spencer's 'positive' campaign looks like, what do his negative campaigns consist of?" Clinton adviser Howard Wolfson said. "Given John Spencer's history, he probably doesn't consider a campaign negative until he threatens to murder his opponent. It's unfortunately very clear that John Spencer is determined to run a negative, personal campaign against Senator Clinton."

Meanwhile, Clinton's former Democratic opponent Jonathan Tasini is asking: what to do about November? He is asking literally - on his Web site. Tasini is seeking the advice of his supporters about whether or not he should back "the incumbent." It's making for some interesting conversation on his blog.


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