16 September, 2006

Faso "Analysis" Hits Spitzer's Spending Proposals

Republican gubenatorial candidate John Faso has released an "analysis" outlining what the Faso campaign has determined to be the cost of Eliot Spitzer's various campaign proposals.

Here's a quickie summary of cost estimate from 2007 though 2111:
(again we emphasize the numbers are provided by the Faso campaign)

Government sponsored healthcare throughout the state $33 billion
Increase in education spending
$27.9 billion
Property tax hike $8.5 billion
Taxpayer funding of political campaigns $80 million
Total Spending Increase $69.5 billion
Spitzer Alleged Budget Savings ($15 billion)
Total Tax Increase $53.8 billion

To drive home his point, Faso has unveiled a new Website, spitzerspending.com, which offers more details (and commentary) on Spitzer's proposals. The site also offers you the chance to figure out, by Faso's calculations, how much your taxes would go up if Spitzer's proposals are adopted.

NYPols doesn't vouch for Faso's numbers nor the accuracy of his tax-o-meter. We're just putting up for you to decide if it's useful information for you.


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