18 September, 2006

Ad Wars Heat Up In Connecticut Senate Race

Ned Lamont, the Democratic nominee for Senate in Connecticut debuted yet another new ad today.

Fresh off the airing of his Yankees-Red Sox ad featuring "fans" of each team agreeing on one thing - their dislike for Lamont's challenger Sen. Joe Lieberman, a new - somewhat unusual - ad is being aired in Connecticut.

This one shows Connecticut residents walking around with their coats on inside out. Get it - turncoats! Which is supposed to drive home the point that Leiberman refused to bow out of the race when he lost the Democratic primary and is now running as an independent.

On Lieberman's blog, Lamont's latest ad is contrasted with the latest offering from Lieberman, a high-road, low-key ad that doesn't mention Lamont at all.

But, if you look a little further, and you don't have to look too hard, the politics Lieberman says he's not playing show up elsewhere on his Web site. A second blog on the site, dubbed The Full Lamonty, points out alleged examples of Lamont's hypocrisy.


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