19 September, 2006

More Ad Wars; Hall Calls On Kelly To Pull Her "Deceitful" Radio Ad

Republican incumbent Sue Kelly has launched her media campaign in her bid for re-election in New York's 19th Congressional District with two radio ads.

Both ads center on taxes - her votes to cut them and her opponent John Hall's alleged penchant for raising them.

In one ad Kelly stays positive, talking about her own voting record on taxes.

In the other, she tries to portray Hall, her Democratic opponent, as only too happy to raise taxes.

In the second ad Kelly, accuses Hall of having some "strange ideas," saying "he doesn't think you pay enough in taxes."

She says Hall wants to repeal the Bush-backed income tax cuts and place a tax on stock sales and purchases.

In addition, she claims Hall supported raising the gas tax when he was a county legislator and property taxes as a member of a local school board.

Hall's campaign has already put out a press release calling on Kelly to pull the ads "to save her some dignity."

The Hall campaign opines that the ads fail to point out that "Kelly and the Bush administration are to blame for record-breaking deficits and an $8 trillion dollar federal defecit."

Here's more from the Hall campaign:

"Perhaps Kelly should ask the working families
what they think about her support of the Bush
administration's under-funded No Child Left Behind
Law, which has forced school districts across the
19th Congressional District to raise their property
tax assessments to pay for it all. Kelly has also
oted against increased federal funds to
pay for emergency services and Homeland Security
measures, again sending locales scrambling to foot
the bill."
The Hall campaign says Kelly continues to support the administration's war in Iraq, which has already cost taxpayers $315 billion.

"How can Rep. Kelly honestly look voters in the face
after running such a deceitful ad--her very first ad
of the fall campaign? She should pull this ad as a
way to save some of her dignity," said Hall spokesman
Tom Staudter. "When voters consider the spiraling
increase in property taxes, the record deficits being
left for our children and the colossal tax giveaways
to the oil industry, Kelly's so-called concerns for
working families are perverse and hollow."


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