02 November, 2006

MSNBC's Olberman Brings Back To TV The Art Of Political Commentary

Not a lot going on today on the local campaign trail.

More Democrats keep finding reasons to justify backing embattled Alan Hevesi for comptroller.

The candidates are out and about - John Hall visiting VA hospitals and West Point. Tomorrow he'll be accompanied by ambassador Joe Wilson on the campaign trail. Wilson, of course, wrote the New York Times Op Ed piece that eventually led to the outing of his wife - Valerie Wilson - as a CIA agent and to the conclusion by most Americans that their fighting men and women were sent to war under false pretenses.

There's is one notable story today. The Daily Politics reported the two members of Buffalo-area Republican Rep. Tom Reynolds' staff were allegedly involved in "damage control" over the page scandal two days before the story hit and earlier than previously disclosed.

That pretty much sums up the day. Which gives me the chance to share with you something incredible. Something I saw last night - on TV - no less. Actual political commentary, with a bite and some guts.

This is not the stuff of "Hardball," or "Scarborough Country," or "Hannity & Colmes," - semi-organized screamfest which pass themselves off as political discourse.

No Olberman's commentary goes back to the old days, the Edward R. Murrow days, when TV had something worth saying.

Olberman's piece is a scorching indictment of President Bush and the GOP who, the commentator alleges, tried to take advantage of John Kerry's momentary (some would disagree is was momentary) stupidity to take the heat off themselves for the mess they have made of Iraq.

You'll have to sit through an ad first (it is TV after all) and Olberman taks about 45 seconds to really get going, but stay with the piece. You'll find the time was well spent. Click here to hear the commentary .


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