04 November, 2006

Has Sue Kelly Gone Overboard? John Hall Thinks So

Republican Rep. Sue Kelly has sent out thousands of copies of the flier you see to your left as her campaign against Democratic challenger John Hall heads into its final weekend.

It's not clear what connection she's alleging John Hall (background) has to North Korean strongman Kim Jung-Il (foreground), but she clearly seems to be trying to draw some connection.

I'm not sure what the explanation is, but in a letter to supporters Hall has his own guess. Here's the key portion of that letter:

Dear Friend,

Did anyone just hear a loud splash in the Hudson River? We did. It was Rep. Sue W. Kelly going overboard with her attack ads.
From the very start, I've tried to keep this campaign about issues. I've tried to talk about what's best for our district and America. Unfortunately, with many polls now showing me leading Sue W. Kelly by a hair, her campaign has turned to truly disgusting Swift Boat-style attacks. It's personal, and it's ugly. She is sending tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of glossy fliers around the district, claiming I have some relationship to North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Ill. It is a desperate attack designed to scare voters into staying home on election day. It would seem ridiculous, if it wasn't so real.


The Internet has had a major impact on campaigns across the country, including the race in New York's 19th District between Hall and Kelly. Cable channel RNN reporter Karen DePodwin recently examined the Web's role in the race.


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