04 November, 2006

For U.S. Senate, NYPols Endorses Hillary Clinton

Let's keep this one short and sweet.

Six years ago, Sen. Hillary Clinton moved to New York from a big white house in Washington D.C. hoping to find a new home and - more importantly- a place from which to run for Senate.

While she was seen as a carpetbagger by many, Clinton has worked hard for her adoptive state, and has proven herself to be a skilled politician and a leader of her - for now - minority party.

Clinton has an annoying way of finding the centermost position on every issue, rarely taking a controversial stand on anything and never taking a political risk. And we all know she hopes not to be around six years from now.

But, when evaluating a political candidate, we take three key things into consideration: experience, ideology and personal integrity.

In the case of Clinton's opponent, Republican John Spencer, we give him low marks in all three areas.

Hillary Clinton deserves to be re-elected. It's not even close.


At 12:58 AM, Anonymous your son said...

No love for Howie cleve?


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